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Hi, I'm Coach Tom!  My love of running began in 1976 when I was in the 5th grade.  Since that was an Olympic year our school conducted its own competition among classes. I entered what was called the "marathon" (it was actually about 1/2 mile)

It was then realized the zen like feeling of physically challenging myself and the health benefits I could obtain.

Fast forward thru the years and my running career grew as a top harrier on my high school cross country team in Connecticut and as a member of the Bradley University Cross Country and Track teams.

After college graduation, I ran to stay in shape until 2004 when I rekindled some serious running passion.

At that time, my son was a middle schooler and came home with a flyer for a local youth running club.  He decided to join that club and decided to volunteer as a coach for the kids.  It was fun to run with school aged children and share the joy and my knowledge gained through the years.

Soon I was designing my own training plans and getting ready to compete in local 5K to ultramarathon distances.  To date I have competed in 26 marathons including multiple Boston, Chicago and New York marathons.  My personal best of 2:58.

In 2008 I became an RRCA Certified Running Coach and started coaching athletes of all ability levels to achieve their endurance event goals. 


After 45+ years of running it is still a joy to start and immerse myself into a training cycle. I think it keeps you young, vibrant and sharp.  After all these years of running I like to tell athletes I coach that every workout, race and training cycle we can learn how to become a more complete runner, triathlete, ultramarathoner or cyclist.

Keep running strong!

Coach Tom

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Looking to  . . . 

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* Set a new PR

* Stay Injury Free

* Learn how to properly fuel

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